Employment Opportunity

At this time the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) has a full staff of instructors, however we do appreciate receiving resumes from skilled people, and consider each on an individual basis.

Position Description

Instructor teams teach courses ranging in length from 2 - 10 days on a year-round basis although the primary need is for instructors to teach either 2-day Wilderness First Aid courses or the 10-day Wilderness First Responder courses. The 2 day courses are predominantly taught on weekends.

Teaching seasons may be arranged to fit other seasonal employment schedules. However, highest consideration will be given to applicants who are available all year round or at least during the busiest teaching months, which stretch predominantly over the school breaks. Instructors will be expected to teach throughout Australia. Teaching days vary from 8 - 12 hours and may include evenings.

Responsibilities and Travel Opportunities

The life of a WMI instructor includes travelling long distances to course locations and dealing with a variety of living situations. In addition to providing outstanding and thorough lectures on medical topics, supervising students' hands-on learning, and attending to the individual learning styles of all students, WMI instructors are expected to model a love for the wilderness. Responsibilities will also include collecting course fees, handling retail transactions, and keeping accurate paperwork.

In addition to meeting the basic qualifications, WMI instructors are expected to have excellent interpersonal skills, to be apt at creating analogies and metaphors, and to be great storytellers. Deep and abiding respect for colleagues, for the Institute's philosophy, and for students is a prerequisite. A sense of humor, including the ability to laugh at oneself, is paramount.

Top Level Compensation for Top Level Educators

Compensation provided to instructors is among the highest in the outdoor education field. WMI asks that you invest 100% of your time when you are under contract. In return you will be privileged to join a community of learners who specialize in providing life-giving care to those travelling in the wilderness. This family includes some of the most highly regarded writers, educators, and medical providers working in this field today, including Dr David Millar, author of First Aid and Extended Care and Buck Tilton, M.S. author of over a dozen books on wilderness medicine including, Medicine for the Backcountry, 2nd edition and The Wilderness First Responder.

Selection Criteria


University degree preferred. Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) required. Consideration will be given to those having other relevant medical training (e.g. nursing, military, etc.).

Teaching Experience

Two or more years teaching in an outdoor education setting or classroom. Successful applicants will have a blend of both. Knowledge of experiential methods is essential. Knowledge of adult education principles helpful. Experience teaching emergency medicine a plus.

Outdoor background

Several seasons experience leading extended trips in wilderness settings. Having had responsibility for youth or adults in backcountry settings is essential.

Medical Background

Pre-hospital emergency medical experience essential. This might be demonstrated through involvement with ambulance, ski patrol, military medic, emergency room, critical care, or SAR organizations.


A competitive salary of up to $240.00 per day plus travel and living expenses during courses.

Application Process

Submit an application package to Amanda Northcott or Jules Leggett, Wilderness Medicine Institute-Australasia, 1/5 Hines Road, O’Connor, WA 6163. Phone (08) 9331 6066 Fax (08) 9331 6044, email: admin@wmi.net.au.

To help you organize your resume, it is helpful to us if you emphasise and highlight the following four areas of information:

1. Your level of medical training and wilderness medical training.

2. Your patient care experience. Feel free to elaborate if you think that we may not fully understand the scope of your experiences, e.g.,number of patients, distance of evacuations, etc.

3. Your wilderness experience, both personal and professional.

4. Your teaching experience, both experiential and classroom.

We do not wish to create false hope in promising that there are immediate positions available with WMI. However, we welcome any resumes (whereby the applicant meets all of the above selection criteria) and will endeavour to maintain contact with those of you who are suitable to join our fastly growing instructor base. Offers to attend the Instructor Training Course (ITC) (held at varying times of the year) will be made to the most suitable applicants. Employment contracts will be extended to ITC participants who demonstrate competence. Ongoing evaluations will occur after each course contract. Please refer to the WMI US website for more details on the EMT and ITC courses (http://wmi.nols.edu) or get in touch with our Accounting company in Perth.

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