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"The simulated rescues. They really tested and consolidated the theoretical learning. I remember hands on learning far more." - Wooden Letters

"The practical scenarios, because it enforces the skills and knowledge learned. The discussions related to shared experiences and potential problems."

"Getting to practice our skills and become more confident. Make up and props made it more realistic and fun."

"All the hands on scenarios. They were practical and I really felt like I was learning something when I did it myself in a realistic situation."

"I really enjoyed the hands on "stuff". At first I was a little nervous but as the course went on I felt more confident to approach an unknown situation."

"…I now feel more capable to take a group out bush. I was feeling very inadequate before I did this course."

"I liked the emphasis on principles rather than recipes."

"Relaxed style – no pressure of assessment, written not applicable therefore those who had no or little prior knowledge felt confident about having a go."

"I have been on several similar courses and I have found this to be the best!"

"I thought two days 8-5 would be too much. But I really enjoyed it and feel much more prepared for guiding trips in the future."

"My favorite activities were snakes, bee stings and bleeding sessions because they were related to the camps we will be running."

"Both Ben and David were excellent. Delivered in an easy to understand, methodical and logical manner – and a lot of positive reinforcement was good for everybody."

"Very high level. Cannot fault any of the presentation."

"I enjoyed the scenarios, having indoor and outdoor sessions. Having two presenters adding variety to the sessions was a good idea."

"Scenarios. (The Instructors) brought it to life and allowed us to gain a lot of confidence."

"Covered much or all of the stuff we need for exhibitions, so feel better equipped to do my job. Having an excellent patient assessment system to work with."

"There was a good balance between practical scenarios and classroom learning. The chance to constantly apply and really master first aid procedure as apposed to simply knowing how "in theory". Having two instructors was also a bonus because it meant that there was always a high energy level promoted by the instructor, increasing our focus and our learning time."

"A big part of this is the atmosphere and the FUN!!!!!"

"The verbal cut and thrust of every discussion kept me up late each night drooling over what lay ahead the next day."

"The highlight for me was the night rescue – it was exciting, fun and very invaluable as a learning experience."

"Rarely do professional development opportunities deliver all that you anticipate they might……I have gained an enormous amount in just 10 short days and will continue to do so. It has been an experience I will long remember, everything I was expecting and more."

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