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WMI offers a range of first aid courses that teach you to prevent injury and improve treatment in wilderness situations. 

With so many Australians venturing out to remote and isolated places, whether it be for work or play, the potential to experience a medical emergency has become quite high. Travelling into the wilderness with the medical responsibility for a group requires training and expertise to prepare for the enormous challenge of providing emergency medical care in a remote environment. Risks can be minimized with skill, experience and judgment. WMI is dedicated to giving you the most recent developments in wilderness medicine in order to provide you with the decision-making tools to act confidently in emergency situations. 

Our approach is very different to typical first aid courses. Extremely fast paced and hands-on, each course emphasizes role-play, scenarios and case studies. Textbook learning is secondary to actual experience. Instruction takes place outdoors as much as possible and fun is the central theme.

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