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Evolution of WMI

The Evolution of WMI Australia

It was in July 1999 that WMI Australasia was established in WA to meet the demand for wilderness medicine training in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s founder, Dr David Millar, has brought to the business over 23 years experience in various fields of travel medicine including working as an expedition doctor both in Australia and overseas. "This move is one of the most exciting since the founding of WMI," said WMI Executive Director Buck Tilton. " We hope to be a part of bringing the highest possible standard of wilderness medical care not only to Australia, but to all places where care may be required," continued Buck Tilton. The certifications available now in Australia are recognised throughout the world.

The Evolution of WMI USA

Wilderness Medicine has been evolving in the United States since the early 1970’s. Within the last decade many wilderness pre-hospital emergency medicine training organisations have been established to meet the growing need to provide trip leaders and outdoor enthusiasts with the knowledge needed to deal with accidents and sudden illnesses in remote places. The Wilderness Medicine Institute was established in Pitkin, Colorado in 1990 by Buck & Bugg Tilton and is the leading provider of wilderness medicine training in the Western United States. Today WMI runs more than 160 courses annually and has trained thousands of outdoor professionals. In recent years it has joined forces with the National Outdoor Leadership School, the leader in wilderness education, to provide you with the highest quality wilderness medicine training available to the outdoor professional.

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