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The Wilderness Medicine Institute provides quality education for the recognition, treatment and prevention of wilderness emergencies.

Our teaching philosophy is to emphasise treatment principles and decision making, not a memorisation of lists. Our philosophy centres around the physical and physiological wellbeing of our students and staff. We value the entire experience of a WMI program rather than simply the learning of medicine. Our staff are professional educators who understand the importance of fun and experience as invaluable learning tools. We feel strongly that a students ability to feel confident about themselves and their ability to make decisions is of greater value than text-book medical skills. We emphasise decision-making. We employ scenario-based teaching as a compliment to lecture style instruction. We believe that this is why our students learn so well and feel confident in employing their newly acquired judgement and skills.

The Wilderness Medicine Institute was officially incorporated in the state of Colorado USA in July, 1990 by Buck Tilton and Melissa Gray.

Today, WMI runs more than 200 courses annually around the world and has trained thousands of outdoor professionals.   

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