Who goes on a WMI course?

Participants of all courses have been from a very diverse group of people. Police search & rescue, nurses & geologists, outdoor ed teachers, camp coordinators, State Emergency Rescuers and overseas expedition leaders, just to name a few.  But our students don’t just work in the outdoors! Many just have a recreational interest in furthering their skills in preparation for all kinds of outdoor adventures be they within Australia or anywhere in the world. This is especially so for adventurous third world country travellers that frequently find that the level of medical care is not quite up to scratch and they would prefer, therefore, to have the confidence to be able to make as many of their own medical decisions in these remote places as possible.

We are also currently liasing with groups such as AMEC (Australian Mining and Exploration Companies), AIG (Australian Institute of Geoscientists) and AMF (Australian Mineral Foundation) in the hope of attracting more geoscientists and field explorationists to our student base.

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